You are invited to Plant a Seed with LAUGHH – Annual Fundraiser and Barbecue

Since the beginning, the focus of LAUGHH Foundation has been health and wellness. We distinguish ourselves from most other short-term medical missions in that every patient receives education on caring for themselves, controlling or eliminating chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. For many, this changes their health destiny for the better.

During our last mission:

  • You donated the resources needed to help more than 1,700 patients.
  • You provided 20 wheelchairs 20 walkers, 50 canes and more than 100 braces to patients who desperately needed them. Our partnership with the Colombian physical therapy faculty provided high-quality evaluation and training on how to use these devices safely and effectively.
  • In partnership with Colombian optometrists, you gave 400 eye exams and 300 pairs of prescription glasses to children and young adults…and changed their lives.
  • In collaboration with Partners for Cancer Care and Prevention, your gifts meant over 200 women were screened for breast cancer, many for the first time in their life.
  • And so much more!

During our initial exposure to these incredible people, we became aware of some significant problems with their traditional diet, nutrition literacy, and food security. Working with one of the schools in Berlín, Colombia, LAUGHH began our first garden partnership project. What started with six gardens grew to 60 gardens in the first year, then to over 400 gardens at school and 400 gardens at home in three years. You also delivered nutrition, cooking and exercise programs to the school, and the teachers ran with it. These programs have been embraced by the community and have inspired these children to improve their lifestyle and the lifestyle of their families. After seeing the success of these programs, the government from Santander, Colombia has asked to partner with us and take this same program to communities being revitalized in rural areas.

LAUGHH is entering a new chapter in partnership with Kansas University Medical Center in bringing this same program to schools in underserved populations in Kansas City, Kansas. Stay tuned for more exciting news and opportunities to be a part of it!

Thank you for Planting a Seed with your donation . . . and making a difference!

Giving Tuesday is coming up!

On this Giving Tuesday, we know you can’t give to EVERY cause.  What we are doing is making a difference and is a model for so many missions to increase their SUSTAINABILITY!

We hope you will consider giving some of your charitable dollars to LAUGHH Foundation and help us spread the ripple effect of our health improvement campaign!

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Thank you to all our generous donors!

Thank you to all our donors who are making a difference!  The following companies and individuals contributed to our fundraiser and we are grateful!






You’re Invited! Barbecue & Silent Auction Pre-Registration

Live! Love! Learn! LAUGHH! A Celebration!
2016 was our 3rd Health and Wellness Mission,
We served more than 1500 patients and their families!
Our Nutrition and Exercise Pilot has Over 400 Student Gardents
Our healthy living competition has begun!
Help us get ready for our July 2017 Health and Wellness Mission in Bucaramanga, Colombia.

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