We are raising money for our next Health and Wellness Mission to Bucaramanga, Colombia. We will be seeing 1500+ patients and giving care to the poorest of the poor – many of whom have not seen a doctor in years! With Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension and obesity at record levels, these people need our help. And YOU can be a part of that!

The goal is to raise more than $30,000!

That means that the basics necessary for the mission are funded and that we will have money to buy the needed wheelchairs, walkers, braces, canes, TED stockings, medications and other supplies needed to care for these patients and their families. It also means that we can help more with the Healthy Living in Berlin, Colombia School and Community project! These kids all have their own gardens at school and home, are cooking healthy and creating their own cookbooks! This is an amazing story of changing a culture starting with the children! They are now passionate about growing healthy food, cooking healthy meals and exercising to build healthy bodies. They need some new plastic for their greenhouse and would like to create a running area with exercise stations for the kids! They need money to hire equipment to remove rocks from their new garden fields. They hope to buy a cow, some chickens and start an earthworm farm for fertilizer. With your help, we can begin that project!

We are so grateful for all of the support shown and the faith that you have in LAUGHH Foundation!

Please accept our heartfelt THANKS!!

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